Roy James Juers II

(b. June 21, 1965)

So this is me… I’ve been blessed with 5 wonderful sisters; two are step-sisters; Joellen (who we lost to cancer in 2004), & Karrie, a savvy little business owner out in Walnut Creek, CA.  Lisa, my lone natural sibling, who’s a proud Navy veteran (Grand Island, FL), and young half-sisters Amanda & Alyson (also in CA), who are amazing mothers to my 3 beautiful nieces & nephews, and daughters of my dad Ken & his 3rd wife, Joan Zawolik.  I’m also blessed with 3 awesome stepbrothers; Frank, Jim, & Andy, who are essentially real brothers to me. They took me in as their own after my mom, Lisa & I invaded their house back in 1974.  All of this should probably be written in a post somewhere else, but just getting it out here. It’s enough to make your head spin!

I’ve lived in most corners of the US, but now am in Apopka, FL with my wife Stephanie.  I’m close to family, though it’s kind of annoying how little we see of each other.   I admit I was kind of an ugly-cute baby, unlike my sisters, who were gorgeous from day one; I didn’t blossom until I was about 3 or 4, when I took on that sort of JFK Jr look (haha).  Judge for yourselves, I guess, as you see the pictures. Mom dressed me well.  But thank goodness the mullet days are over! I miss the hair I used to have though, it used to be thick, long, & luxurious.  Now it’s thin, short & a bit more paltry.

I’ve been focusing on everyone else’s place in this family tree website for awhile now, and rightly so… this site isn’t really about me.  But it is about time I put a few pictures of me in here somewhere!  I have a lot obviously, and they have to be re-sized for the Internet, hence the delay… but for my daughter Cassandra & my grandson Ben & his sister Savannah… here’s a little of me, and a lot of the rest of the Juers family, spread out all over the world. 🙂


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 Last Updated: Aug 28, 2016


  1. charles juers says:

    Roy please contact me regarding holes in the tree in Saginaw Michigan. Thanks Charles Juers

  2. paul joseph juers jr. says:


    • Hello Paul! I appreciate the effort you made to initiate contact… curious how you ended up finding me…
      I’m also curious if you’re the Paul Jr born in ’56, or the younger one I’ve seen on Facebook with a little baby.. let me know. In either case, I’m grateful you reached out & I hope we can learn a little from each other… I, for one, have lots of questions. I hope we can chat soon.
      Take care,
      Roy Juers, Apopka FL

  3. paul joseph juers jr. says:

    your cousin touching base for the first time

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