Richard Andrew Poletis

(b. May 22, 1969)

Richard Poletis is probably the newest member of my own branch of the Juers Family Tree.  His wife Maria reached out to me a few years  ago after I got the site up on the internet.  They weren’t initially sure about the family connection, but contacted me out of concern about the Juers men’s history of heart challenges, and how they might pertain to Rich.  In the process, we discovered Rich was indeed my first cousin from my youngest uncle Bob, and had two half-brothers he didn’t know about.

It’s been good, albeit a little slow (I’ll take ownership of that), getting to know Rich & Maria.  Rich is a career Navy man, and together they have 3 kids.  I’ll post what I have h ere, but add as much as I can, as soon as I can… Nice to have you as part of the family, Rich!


Last update: August 24, 2016

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