Welcome, Juers watchers…

This is the silk screening that would eventually make the infamous Juers T-shirt… where the original is, who knows???

Well welcome, everybody… I want to apologize for the site being down for awhile.  Apple has this cool tool for building web pages, called iWeb.  It’s a pretty easy-to-use interface, and though it didn’t have a ton of bells & whistles, I didn’t need to know any code to get a website functional for people to go view.

But alas, Apple discontinued hosting the webpages that iWeb was designed to create.  So the webpages themselves are still intact in the iWeb software, but there was no easy way to get them back to the internet.

Oh sure, they said, “just change this setting, do this & that, & watch it work!”  I’m still watching.  That was the most frustrating part.  I’m reasonably techno-savvy, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to get the iWeb software to communicate with my hosting service.   Enter WordPress!

Stephanie was brilliant enough to suggest building the JuersFamily.com website on a blog platform, which will make it a breeze for people to upload & add their own content, which was the goal from the beginning, since all my beloved cousins will have images from way-back-when, that none of us have ever seen!  So this seems to be a great platform for everyone to visit & work from!  Plus WordPress integrates with Facebook, so notifications that there’s been some update to the site will re-invite people to come check it out.

So I’m pretty excited about it being here now… all I have to do is learn to blog & we’re in like Flynn.  All that said… got some work to do… please have patience with me as my skills evolve, and hopefully we’ll have photos, videos, slideshows with music… all those good things…

So God bless you all… the entire Juers family… and Eric Juers, yeah I know you’re not family, but you’re a Juers so we love you too…

Have an awesome day!

Roy (yes, Juers)

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