So… are we related, or aren’t we? THAT is the Question…

Curious, isn’t it?  You’ve looked around, saw some cool stuff.

Thinking maybe you’re connected somehow, but not sure?

I know the feeling.  I’ve been finding the Juers name all over the internet, as far away as Australia, and have been asking myself, are they a branch of our Juers family from Germany, who went there instead of New York?  As I’m discovering through researching, anything is possible!

So to make sure there’s a list of people who aren’t forgotten, and to simultaneously create a virtual “checklist” of people to inquire about, here’s a list of the many Juers’ that are still not verified either way, when it comes to the question “Are We Related?”…

By the way, the last thing I want to do is offend anyone or publicize someone when they don’t want to be publicized.  Remember, this site is really only for our family, but it is “search-engine-friendly”, so if someone Googled your name, this site will be included in the search results.

That being said, this information is public record, since I found it all on Google &  I wasn’t in there but I added myself, and these addresses may be old & inaccurate.

  1. Michael T. & Teresa Juers: 25 Oxford Court Apt B, Yorktown Heights NY 10598
  2. Daniel Juers (along with a Diane M Juers & Jaclyn Juers): 233 E 69th St Apt 2B, NY, NY 10021
  3. Rita Juers, and Demetrius (“D.J.”) Juers, formerly of Shirley NY
  4. Daniel F & Linda L Juers, 61 Old Post Road, Fairport, NY 14450
  5. Louis Herman Juers, 50, Meza AZ (could this be cousin Louis from Miracle of the Medals?)
  6. Louis & Diane P McElearney Juers formerly of 8198 Langdale Dr, New Hyde Park, NY.  Diane is a 6th grade teacher at St Josephs School in Yorkville, NY
  7. Evelyn Juers, Author; Born 03/06/1950 in Neritz, Germany.  Now in Australia
  8. Working on other things now, but this is a good start to this… many more Juers names to add here.

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