About the Images You’ll See Here…

God Bless our Uncle Harry.

Harry was the self-proclaimed genealogist of the family.  He did an amazing amount of research, and knew so much about the family, that I am in a constant state of regret that I did not make a more determined effort to visit with him more often, to learn about the family.

So now whatever we learn will be from whomever he told things to, if they can remember.  I know he told me many things that I’ve since forgotten, and blast it! My memory just isn’t what it was… I shold been either recording our conversations or writing things down.

I actually did start writing stuff down, but it was a little late, so I really don’t have much.  But if Harry was able to find out what he knew, then hopefully we cousins can piece some more of it together.

So, that brings us to the images you’re about to see…

Some (or many) of them, you may’ve seen before.  Harry had two amazing photo albums he sent to me, so that I could scan the images.   One of them I had challenges with, because the pictures were sticking to the album, and it made getting them out a project.   The last thing I wanted to do was damage anything he entrusted me with.

But now that (I think) I have them all scanned in, the question is whether the website won’t choke on the slideshow I built with them.  We’ll see.  But enjoy them… and I want to make sure that everyone can download everything, so bear with me while it all gets set up.  I don’t even know if you can download images from the slideshow.

But what I do know, is that when everything is in place & organized, I will upload entire folders of images to the site Dropbox, where everyone can go, create an account for free, and download them all…

Love to you all & see you soon!


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