A Great Day in My Life

October 25, 2014:

Cassandra 2014 Oct13This is the day I’d waited for, for many years.  Confirming & making contact…

Cassandra Rachelle MacDougal was born in the winter of early 1988.  Ours is an unusual story, one where the details get a little fuzzy because they go back so far.

But one thing’s clear; the day we finally began a dialogue & a started building a relationship with each other, goes down as a great day in my life… I just wanted to convey how important & how personal she is to me, how it felt for me to read her very first message, and how she validates my existence…

So I had to set this post in place, to see how it would look while I test with pictures & stuff; but soon I will elaborate some more on my new relationship with my daughter Cassie!


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