The Moore Building, Oyster Bay NY

OysterBay-MooresBuildingIn the mid 20th century, after Harry Paul Juers died,  his wife Helen McGinley left the Bronx with her 6 boys, and headed east to Oyster Bay, NY, where they lived at 5 East Main Street, at the intersection of South Street & Shore Avenue.

I found a neat little narrated video about the building they lived in, called the Moore (or Moore’s) Building.  I took this picture in 2010, when we were in town after my father Ken’s military memorial service & interment at Long Island National Cemetery at Pinelawn. (actually I may not have taken this… gotta research the original file.  I do have a similar one though…)

To watch the 2-minute video about the Moore Building, CLICK HERE.

The building itself is beautiful, and the history behind it is amazing.  There are a few other pictures I’ve found which are really neat, because they’re early 1900s or even earlier…


This picture is probably dated around 1901 or 1902.





OysterBay1890_smThis picture was initially dated as 1890.  However, WikiPedia information states this building was only one-story tall when it first built.  Then in 1896, fire destrpyed the adjacent attached buildings, and eventually James Moore rebuilt it in 1901.

Therefore this photograph musthave been take after 1901.

Several years later, it would serve as president Theodore Roosevelt’s Executive Offices, and eventually the first “hear-round-the-world” cable, would be sent from this building…

Cool right?

For more information about the Moore’s Building, you can check it out on WikiPedia here.

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