Bayville & Oyster Bay, NY

OysterBay-MooreBldgHey everyone, this is Roy Juers II here… welcome to my humble site…

For those who don’t know, I was born & raised in Bayville, NY.

I lived there only until I was 9, but I’ve always considered it my hometown, and I love it dearly.
Our street, Wanser Avenue, was a narrow little single-lane street you’d expect to see in the Bronx or the city, but it was a tight little neighborhood that took you off gorgeous Mountain Avenue, downhill to the edge of Oak Neck Creek.

We used to fish for mussels & guppies in the shallow waters when I was a kid, and my sister Lisa & I would walk our dog Axel along the water…

Bayville’s a very picturesque little town.   If I had my druthers, considering all the many places I’d like to live in, I’d love to have a house back in Bayville.


This was West Shore Road, the road that lead to my home town… beautiful Bayville. Hard to imagine, but the storm surge from Sandy was so bad, that West Shore Road washed out from the north… that makes me so sad… so now what? Take Cleft Road all the way around the west side?!  Like Marissa Tomei said What a f#$@%ing nightmare!

But my grandmother Helen & her 6 boys lived at 5 East Main Street in the Moore’s Building… to watch a little video I found about it… CLICK HERE.

I never actually lived in Oyster Bay, but my dad & his family did… so we (my sister & cousins & I) were there a lot… it’s like a second hometown, of sorts.  Oyster Bay is rich in history & significance, and a place I’d like to be in every day…

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