Paul Joseph Juers

(10/29/1933 – 09/01/1980)


PaulJosephJuersSr1955-Feb5-with&JeanNovotyPaul Joseph Juers was in the oldest branch of the family, Adolph Arthur Juers’ line. He was the 3rd of 6 children to Adolph Arthur Juers & Gloria Ann Acampora; Paul has two older brothers, Robert & Louis Henry; younger brother Robert J, and sisters Barbara Ann & Christine Shirley.  Paul was a veteran of the U.S. Army, and passed away at the terribly young age of 46.

Paul married Carol Jean Novotny on February 5th, 1955.  Together, they brought 4 amazing cousins into our family.  Two of them whom I’ve never met or spoken with, are his oldest, sons Paul Jr. & Daniel.  His two girls I have met; one in person, Lenora (Gigi), who lives nearby with her family; and the other by phone, Gigi’s younger sister Lori, who lives in San Diego.

I have very little information about Paul’s life & marriage & early days.  As info becomes available, I’ll add it here provided I have blessing to do so…

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