Kenneth Robert Juers

(10/20/1937 – 11/23/2009)


My dad Ken was pretty much my idol, & my best friend (next to God).  He was smart, funny, opinionated, stubborn, loyal, talented, loving… all the things you could want from a dad.

I’ll add posts or stories about him in time, but here’s a partial collection of his pictures.  As you can imagine, I have quite a few.  However, if you have images of your own, PLEASE submit them using the uploader at the bottom of this page… thanks!  I can never have too many pictures of my dad.

Ken was my father; borne as the 4th child to Harry Paul Juers & Helen McGinley, and lived in the Bronx briefly, at 5 Murray Court, but mainly grew up Oyster Bay, at 5 East Main St.  I guess they liked the #5… there’s a Mambo named after it, I believe.  

Ken never had commitment issues… he married 4 times.  The first never really counted, at least for me, because it was before my mother & the wedding was annulled very quickly… Charlotte Carlson was her name, and that’s about all I can really say about her. After that he married my mom Joyce E. Asaro in 1962, had my sister (Lisa Ann Juers) later that year & me (Roy James Juers II) (1962 & 1965) with Joyce E. Asaro, & then Amanda Brett & Alyson Brooke (1976 & 1978) with Joan Zawolik. He also raised stepdaughter Karrie Wyatt (1984), thru his marriage with Roberta Cole Wyatt, from when she was just a toddler.

Ken lived in the Bronx NY as a boy/adolescent, then in Oyster Bay, Bayville, Glen Cove & East Northport NY as an adult, before relocating with pregnant wife Joan, to Sacramento CA, in the summer of 1978. Shortly thereafter, Alyson was born. He then lived in Orangevale, Citrus Heights & finally Chico, CA.

Ken developed Stage 4 lung cancer & despite a terrible prognosis, chose to fight it with radical chemotherapy, & went through the initial rounds of it with flying colors. But afterwards, when he began the maintenance chemo, it was too much for his body & he developed complications that he couldn’t recover from. Dad passed away November 23, 2009; he was just 72.

As a US Navy veteran, Ken was laid to rest, interred with his brother Roy, at Long Island National Cemetery at Pinelawn, Plot V1806, Farmingdale NY, in a military ceremony on May 6, 2010. A bottle of Grand Marnier was devoured by his survivors at the Bonanza Italian Ice stand in Oyster Bay, where he often took my sister & I as kids.

Kenneth R Juers’ Memorial Service

This is Dad’s memorial service. It’s been on YouTube for some time, but no one really goes to my YouTube channel; so, here is the memorial service for our dad, Kenneth Robert Juers. Rest in peace, Pop.  We love you!      

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My Life As I Remember It- Ken Juers

The following is a transcript of a writing that my sisters & I found, as we went thru Dad’s things, after he passed away in November, 2009.   “My Life, As I Remember It” By Kenneth Robert Juers, at age 66.3 February 23, 2004 Outline: * Earliest memories * Growing up in the Bronx * […]

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Me & Dad at the Ballgame…

October 9, 2003  Dad & I have always had a great passion for the New York Yankees.  I remember, at that time, feeling like time was gaining on us as a family, for whatever reason.  Dad was 66 & not in the best of health, even though, all things considered, he was doing pretty well… […]

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