Jeanette-Lynn Louise Juers

(b. Aug. 21, 1989)

Jeanette-Lynn is a fun, smart, feisty world-traveler, whom I had the pleasure of meeting & chatting with online.  She was gracious enough to entertain me as I asked a bazillion questions about the family, and she did help me learn a thing or two about it… for that, I’m grateful.

But alas, after a stupid political disagreement, we don’t communicate anymore.  Unfortunate but true.  This is why I’ve learned from my mistake that I should never debate politics with, or comment on the political opinions of, family or friends.  I’m always right in my mind, they’re always right in theirs, and disagreements only breed resentment & disconnect.  Ours is a perfect example.  I was so happy to be chatting with her, but sad now that I lost her.  I claim responsibility for allowing it to happen, and have learned from that mistake.  The whole point of building this site was to meet people like her, and get to know them, not to get into silly debates about what they believe or what they think of what I believe.  I got over it, but it drove her away. So I’m regretful.

Regardless, she’s a pretty great girl, beautiful, & full of energy.  She’s taken lots of selfies, or did modeling, whichever, so here are a few pictures of her…

Hopefully we can be friends again one day.



Last update: August 23, 2016

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