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All of the historical images from my Uncle Harry’s 2 photo albums are contained here, but they don’t all need to be.

Once images are all uploaded, and all the galleries are built & able to be uploaded to, then I’ll remove pictures that don’t really need to be here… it’ll make the gallery much more manageable…

The more I look at these images, whose commonality is that they all have Adolf &/or Anna in them, the more I’m able to identify certain other people.

For example, the picture with Freddy on the left & my grandmother Helen in the hat… Uncle Harry had written that it was Lou in the bottom row, probably because it’s a little hard to see & Lou’s wife Kay is on the Right.  After closer inspection, though, that man is not Lou, but my grandfather Harry; which leads me to believe that perhaps Lou is the one who actually took that picture.

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Last Update: September 9, 2016 


  1. Damienne says:

    Hi! Do you have a Lou Juers in your family who had a mine near Coulterville, California circa 1903? I have an old letter that mentions him.

    • Hi Damienne, thanks for writing!
      At the moment my answer to your question would be “I don’t know”! We have a few Lou Juers’ in the family, but my tree (as much as I’ve been able to build anyway) only goes back to the late 1800’s, when my great-grandfather Adolf was born. He had a brother Lou (Lugwig), but Lou wasn’t born until 1910, so it couldn’t have been that Lou with the mine in CA. I believe my great-grandfather Adolf came to the US from Hamburg in 1901, but I have no actual record of that. He may have been born here & possibly had an uncle named Lou?? It’s very hard to piece together what happened way back then… I need help from my older relatives!
      But I’d love to know a bit about you, how you fit into our little family puzzle… where you got that letter you speak of, and if you could scan a nice copy of it & email it to me? I would love to see it! Thanks 🙂

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