Helen Irene Juers

Helen Irene Juers was just a baby when she died… not even 4 years old… so it’ll be a miracle to find any more pictures of her. Does anybody have some?

To see the pictures as a slideshow, embedded right here on the page, CLICK HERE.
The slideshow’ll play each picture for 6 seconds, then toss it away to reveal the next picture.
The only problem with doing that is, you can’t see any of the captions I wrote for the pictures; just the images themselves. Why it happens that way, I don’t know yet.

So I recommend viewing the pictures as THUMBNAILS; to do that, CLICK HERE.

Click any thumbnail image, and a manual slideshow, in sort of a “lightbox” overlay, will pop up.  You can then read the captions at the bottom of each picture, then click “Next” to eventually scroll through all of them.

If you have any pictures of baby Helen on your computer, please add to her gallery, by uploading them here:

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Please try it out! We need more pictures if you have ’em!

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