Harry Walter Juers

(March 5, 1930 – March 28, 2012)

Harry Walter Juers was first-borne to my grandparents Harry Paul Juers & Helen Malvina McGinley; so he was my eldest uncle.  Aside from Harry & my father Ken, I had 5 other uncles & aunts from their immediate family; but Harry was probably my favorite uncle, since I’d spent more time with him than any of the others.  He was such an amazing man; I was very close to him.  He persevered thru polio (& the complications from it) his whole life, yet did it with humility, humor & class.

And even as the eldest, with his physical challenges, he outlived all 6 of his siblings, which is a testament to how tough he was, despite how gentle he was in his heart.  I didn’t see Harry a whole lot after he moved to Galveston, and I regret never going to Texas to see him & Linda. Does anyone out there have more pictures of Harry?

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