Below, our family’s broken down by each branch of the tree, meaning my grandfather Harry & all 4 of his siblings.  This way it’s easier to see cross-relationships.  Just click a name to go to that person’s page & see any images I’ve gathered for them, and any additional information or stories I’ve accumulated.

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First off, the start of our amazing tree “began” with my grandfather Harry’s parents, who have their own link here, followed by all their children & their families:

Adolf Emile Juers & Anna Marie Jerebek

Branch of
Adolph Arthur Juers

Adolph Arthur Juers &
Cora Louise Finn
6 children

Arthur Anthony Juers

** Private Person 1
*** Private Person 2
**** Private Person 3
**** Private Person 4

*** Private Person 5

** Arthur Martin Juers
*** Paul Arthur Juers
*** Connor Lawrence Juers
*** Tyler Ryan Juers
*** Dylan Jakob Juers

** Stephen Louis Juers

** Christopher Gerard Juers
*** Sarah Elizabeth Juers

** Michael Thomas Juers

** Susan Grace Juers
*** Ava X. Juers

Louis Henry Juers

** Wayne Paul Juers

** Judith Louise Juers
*** Keith X. McLaughlin

** Douglas William Juers
*** Paula Marie Juers
*** Jennifer Marie Juers
*** Douglas William Juers II
****- Jake William Juers
****- Dylan X. Juers
****- Camren Avery Juers
*** Jaclyn Ann Juers
**** Illeana Isabella Sierra
**** Natalia Marie Sierra
*** Anastasia Elizabeth Juers
*** Jeanette-Lynn Louise Juers

** Warren Louis Juers

** Eric Richard Juers
Alyssa X Juers
*** Derek X Juers

Paul Joseph Juers

** Paul Joseph Juers Jr

** Daniel Nicholas Juers
*** Jaclyn Marie Juers
*** Daniel Nicholas Juers, Jr.

** Lenora Gigi Juers
*** Olivia Jean Papa
*** John Nicholas Papa

** Lori Ann Juers

Robert J. Juers

Barbara Ann Juers

** Lynn Ann Terjesen
*** Samantha Lynn Schaufler
*** Stefanie Rae Schaufler

** Thomas Clifford Terjesen
*** Michael X. Terjesen
*** Nicole X. Terjesen
*** Katelyn X. Minski

Christine Shirley Juers

** William Albert Dixon
*** Michelle Louise Dixon

*** Victoria Rose Dixon
*** Zachary William Dixon

** Kim-Ann Allen
*** Ryan Matthew Mueller
*** Olivia Christine Mueller

Branch of
Ludwig Heinrich Juers

Ludwig Heinrich Juers
& Catherine Marie Wellbrock
2 children

John Joseph Juers

** John Joseph Juers Jr
***Dana Lyn Juers
*** John Paul Juers

** William Richard Juers
*** William Christian Juers
*** Chelsea Rose Juers
*** Dustin Elijah-Storm Juers
*** Jordan Ari Juers

** Laura Marie Juers
*** Kaitlyn Rose Rothenhausen
*** Sarah Nicole Rothenhausen

** Catherine Ann Juers
*** Dominic John Vinci
*** Jake Michael Vinci
*** Ava Danielle Vinci

Richard W. Juers

** Richard W Juers Jr
*** Heather Catherine Juers
****  Logan Curtis Juers
*** Courtney Marie Juers

** Steven A Juers

Ludwig Heinrich Juers &
Rita Conboy
1 child

Louis Henry Juers
** Louis Juers (Aki Saito)
*** Scott Juers
*** Syndy Juers

** RiRi Juers (m. Francis)
*** Mya Francis (08/24/1999)
*** James Francis

** Brian Juers

Branch of
Elizabeth Juers

Elizabeth Helen Juers &
John Milton Quirk
1 child

Helen X Quirk
** John X Casey
** William X Casey Jr.

– – – – – – – – – – – –


Branch of
Frederick Adolf Juers

Frederick Adolf Juers &
June Elizabeth Knox
4 children

* Carolyn June Juers

David Bruce Juers

Andrew James Juers
** Mark Phillip Juers
*** Moxie Layne Juers
*** Rhys Violet Juers

Alan Frederic Juers