Frederick Adolf Juers

(Aug. 26, 1922 – Nov. 24, 2004)

Frederick Adolf Juers is sort of a mystery to me, as I have very little knowledge of him.  Recently, though (2016), I made a little bit of progress on his branch of the tree, through my usual internet searches, connecting on Facebook to one of his sons & grandsons…  Here’s what I know (or don’t know).

Fred was born in 1922, and I believe it was Aug. 26, even though some research shows Aug. 22.  I’m leaning toward the 26th based on the Lebanon PS Obituary.  What’s also unclear is whether he spelled his name with a ‘k’ at the end, or not.

We know Fred served in the Navy, and we collectively thank him for that… another Juers veteran.  At the moment, though, I don’t know the exact dates he served;

We know he married a woman named June, but don’t know her birth date, nor her middle or maiden names.  We believe together they had (at least) 4 children.  We know one of them, their first, was little baby Carolyn June, who died very young & is buried at Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale NY.  She is the first of 3 Juers family members buried there, followed by my uncle Roy in 1967 & my dad Ken in 2010.

We know life took Frederick to Lebanon PA, where he is buried at Hill Lutheran Church Cemetery.  I’m kind of sad about the fact that he couldn’t get his military burial at LI National & be interred with his daughter.

Does anybody have pictures of Fred?  These are the only ones I have… I heard he sort of pulled away from the rest of the Juers family, but I have no details about that.  Regardless, I believe he deserves as much attention in this site as anyone else… There’s so much more to him than I have here, so anything you can add would be great…


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