Family Tree

My Great-Great Grandparents


Our Great-Great-Grandfather & Great-Great-Grandmother? Need to research who came first…

My Great-Grandparents
(Paternal Great Grandfather & Great Grandmother to all us Juers cousins);

AdolphOttoJuers AnnaJerebekJuers copy

ADOLF EMILE JUERS (01/22/1870*-02/03/1953), From Hamburg, Germany.
m. ANNA MARIE {JEREBEK} (b.1878-03/26/1956), from Prague or Bohemia, Czechoslovakia.

NOTES: Anna was Borne to Fred Jerebek. She immigrated to the United States May 14, 1901, sailing from Bremen aboard the Kaiserin Maria Theresia*.
*Courtesy, Passenger Manifest & Ellis Island Records.

They lived together at 419 E. 80th Street, New York, NY.

ADOLF EMILE JUERS & ANNA MARIE JEREBEK had 5 children. They were;
Adolph Arthur, Harry Paul, Ludwig Henrich, Helen [Elizabeth], & Frederick Adolf.
They represent the grandmothers/grandfathers, great-aunts & great-uncles to most of us Juers cousins, who were born between the late 1950’s & mid 1970’s.

There may also be an “Otto” in the family somewhere; it’s unclear if it was just Adolph’s nickname, or a different Juers entirely. Gravestones found through produced some amazing & confusing results!

C1: ADOLPH ARTHUR JUERS (03/13/1906 – 06/28/1967)
  m.CORA LOUISE {FINN} (09/25/1909 – 08/23/1991) on 06/25/1927

C1: ARTHUR ANTHONY JUERS (“Artie“) (02/01/1928-09/05/2011)
  m.GLORIA ANN {ACAMPORA} (b.02/18/1931?) on 10/07/1952. From Bronx, NY

C1: PRIVATE PERSON (b. mm/dd/19yy)
  m. PRIVATE PERSON’S SPOUSE ( on mm/dd/19yy

C1: PRIVATE CHILD 1 (b. mm/dd/19yy)
  m. PRIVATE CHILD 1’S SPOUSE ( on mm/dd/yyyy


C2: PRIVATE CHILD 1’S CHILD 2 (b. mm/dd/yyyy)

  m. PRIVATE CHILD 2’s SPOUSE ( Est.) on mm/dd/yyyy.

C2: ARTHUR MARTIN JUERS,  “Artie Marty” (b.07/02/1953)
  m. NANCY ROSE {FARRELL} (b.06/09/1960) on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: PAUL ARTHUR JUERS (b.08/12/1988)

C2: CONNOR LAWRENCE JUERS (b.04/26/1992)

C3: TYLER RYAN JUERS (b.05/26/1995)

C4: DYLAN JAKOB JUERS (b.09/24/1997)

C3: STEPHEN LOUIS JUERS (b.06/25/1955)

  m. BRENDA CHRYSTAL {WHITAKER} ( on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: SARAH ELIZABETH {JUERS} (b.03/26/1997)

C5: MICHAEL THOMAS JUERS (b.08/10/1963); From Baldwin, NY; Now in Yorktown Heights, NY
  m. TERESA [MIDDLE] {DELISI} ( on mm/dd/yyyy

No Children

C6: SUSAN GRACE {JUERS} (b.05/16/1971)
m. GRANT [MIDDLE] CONVILLE ( on 06/01/2013

C1: AVA [MIDDLE] {JUERS} (through father GRANT; not yet married)


C2: LOUIS HENRY JUERS (b.12/23/1929); From City Island, Bronx NY.
  m. JUDY [MIDDLE] {SCHMIDT} (03/01/1932 – 04/23/2015) on mm/dd/yyyy; Roswell GA.

C1: WAYNE PAUL JUERS (b.05/12/1951); Lives in Roswell, GA)

C2: JUDITH LOUISE {JUERS}Judy Lou” (b.01/10/1954)
m. MICHAEL [MIDDLE] McLAUGHLIN ( on mm/dd/yyyy


C3: DOUGLAS WILLIAM JUERS (b.09/09/1957)
m. TAMMY MARIE {KYLES}* (08/04/1958 – 10/07/1999)

C1: PAULA MARIE {JUERS} (b.04/23/1976)

C2: JENNIFER MARIE {JUERS} (July 23, 1978 – July 27, 1979)

C3: DOUGLAS  WILLIAM JUERS II (b.01/26/1980)
  m. DANIELLE [MIDDLE] {KAISER} ( on mm/dd/yyyy




 C4: JACLYN ANN {JUERS} “Jackie” (b.02/04/1983) (Mount Hope, NY)
w. BRANDON ADAM SIERRA (b.07/28/1981) since 02/11/2001

C1. ILLEANA ISABELLA {SIERRA} (b.05/08/2012)

C2. NATALIA MARIE {SIERRA} (b.04/25/2014)


* Tammy Juers had two other children; Michael Slicker & Patric Slicker.

  m. KAREN MAUREEN {RIEPMA} (b.11/30/1963) on 02/23/1985



  m. MARGUERITE [MIDDLE] LATHAM ( on mm/dd/yyyy

No Children.

C4: WARREN LOUIS JUERS (b.11/26/1961)
  m. CHRISTINE [MIDDLE] {BELLINA} (b.09/25/1960) on 05/26/1984

C5: ERIC RICHARD JUERS (b.06/09/1965)
  m. SUSAN [L.] {BUCHHEIT} (b.05/23/1965) on 05/14/1993

C1: ALYSSA LENORA {JUERS} (b.02/27/1995)

C2: DEREK [MIDDLE] JUERS (b.09/22/1997)

m. SONJA [MIDDLE] {RASMUSSEN} (b. mm/dd/yyyy) on 03/23/1996


C3: PAUL JOSEPH JUERS (10/30/1932 – 09/01/1980), U.S. Army, Leavenworth.
m. JEAN CAROL {NOVOTNY} (03/29/1935 – 12/29/2001) on 02/05/1955

C1: PAUL JOSEPH JUERS, JR (b.02/03/1956)

C2: DANIEL NICHOLAS JUERS (b.04/16/1959)
  m. DIANE [MIDDLE] {MOCKENHAUPT} ( on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: JACLYN MARIE {JUERS} (b.08/15/1988 Est), Teacher

C2: DANIEL [MIDDLE] JUERS (b.07/21/1993 Est)

C3: LENORA GIGI {JUERS} “Gigi” (b.08/24/1961) Winter Park, FL.
  m. JOHN ARTHUR PAPA (b.07/03/1958) on 05/13/1989

C1: OLIVIA JEAN {PAPA} (b.03/31/1992) 

C2: JOHN NICHOLAS PAPA, “Nick” (b.10/01/1993) 

C4: LORI ANN {JUERS} (b.11/12/1962) 
  m. KELLY FORD ( on mm/dd/yyyy


No Children.

NOTE: provides a record of 10/30/1932 as Paul’s DOB.


GC4: ROBERT [J.] JUERS (07/02/1938-06/04/1939)
According to Christine Juers-Allen, Robert was hit in the head by a ball of some kind as an infant, & could not recover from the injury, poor angel. Rest in Peace.


C5: BARBARA ANN {JUERS} (b.06/03/1940)
m. THOMAS TELLEF TERJESEN (b.04/21/1938) on 11/10/1962

C1: LYNN ANN {TERJESEN} (b.03/01/1964)
m. RUDOLPH STEFAN SCHAUFLER, “Rudy”(b.05/22/1963) on 10/26/1990

C1: SAMANTHA LYNN {SCHAUFLER} (b.01/11/1993)

C2: STEFANIE RAE {SCHAUFLER} (b.09/13/1994)

m. KRISTINA [MIDDLE] {MINSKI} ( on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: MICHAEL [MIDDLE] TERJESEN (b.10/27/2004)

C2: NICOLE [MIDDLE] {TERJESEN} (b.01/28/2003)

C2: KATELYN {MIDDLE] {MINSKI} (b. 01/15/1998)


C6: CHRISTINE SHIRLEY {JUERS} (b.08/12/1946)

  m.JOSEPH [MIDDLE] DIXON (b.05/21/1944) on 03/13/1965. Divorced 1968 or 1969.

C1: WILLIAM ALBERT DIXON, “Billy” (b.09/14/1965)
m. JUDY ANTONETTE {PANISSIDI} (b.07/16/1966 ) on 05/31/1991

C1: MICHELLE LOUISE {DIXON} (b.03/05/1993)

C2: VICTORIA ROSE {DIXON} “Tori” (b.02/26/1997)

C3: ZACHARY WILLIAM DIXON (b.07/18/1998)

  m.KENNETH DAVID ALLEN (b.05/28/1935) on 08/30/1975

C2: KIM-ANN {ALLEN} (b.06/30/1977)
m. MATTHEW JOHN MUELLER (b.04/21/1976) on 07/24/2009.

C1: RYAN MATTHEW MUELLER (b.09/12/2010)


C3. AVERY [MIDDLE] MUELLER (b.05/dd/2014)

This concludes the Adolph Arthur Juers branch of the Tree.

C2: HARRY PAUL JUERS (12/20/1907-05/01/1948)
  m.HELEN MALVINA {McGINLEY} (12/11/1908-02/24/1986) on 08/18/1928

Harry & Helen were married at the Church of Saint Monica, 413 (was 405-411) E. 79th St, NY; Witnesses: James F Dorney, Rose Werner (Helen’s Aunt Rose??). They lived at 770 E. 165th St, NYC.
Harry was buried 05/05/1948, and Helen on 02/23/19861. Both are interred at Calvary II Cemetery in Woodside, Queens, NY.  They had 7 Children; Harry, Helen, Don, Ken, Gerry, Roy, & Bob.


C1: HARRY WALTER JUERS (03/05/1930-03/29/2012)
  m.BETTE [MIDDLE] {REWICK} (05/15/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy), on mm/dd/yyyy

Baptized April 6, 1930, by John Sheridan at St. Augustine’s Church; 1183 Franklin Ave, Bronx NY; Sponsors, Walter & Irene Comire… are Irene Comire & Elizabeth (Middle) Juers the same person?)

C1: MICHAEL CURTIS JUERS (b.05/23/1959)
  m. PAMELA [MIDDLE] {MAIDEN} (b.09/12/1961) on 10/09/1988

C1: ANDREW STEVEN JUERS (b.08/23/1996)

C2: DAVID ALLEN JUERS (b.07/09/1998)

C3: CHARLES ANTHONY JUERS (b.07/09/1998)

C2: GARY RANDOLPH JUERS (b.08/02/1962)

Never Married, no children.

m. LINDA [MIDDLE] {KOEBELE} ( on mm/dd/yyyy

C3: RODNEY [E.] KOEBELE (, stepson through Linda

C4: DOUGLAS [MIDDLE] KOEBELE (, stepson through Linda


C2: HELEN IRENE {JUERS} (05/24/1933-05/03/1937)
The only girl borne to Harry & Helen. She caught the Measles from her cousin Paul Joseph Juers, and could not recover… she was only 3 years, 11 months; Buried 05/06/19371


C3: DONALD CHARLES JUERS (01/21/1935-11/27/1990)
 m. JEAN CATHERINE {MULLER} (b.02/29/1936 – 04/22/2015) on 06/22/1957 at: Holy Cross Church, 600 Soundview Ave Bronx NY; Daughter of MARY MULLER

C1: THOMAS JUERS (b.04/02/1960) NMN
  m. DONNA HOPE {MUSTO} (b.09/09/1964) on 07/27/1991

C1: MEREDITH HOPE {JUERS} (b.05/15/1993)

C2: GABRIELLE DONNA {JUERS} (b.09/13/1996)

C2: DOUGLAS KENNETH JUERS (b.03/08/1962)
  m. ALLISON ANNE {MILLS} (b.08/15/1962) on 08/23/1986

C1: ALEXANDER DANIEL JUERS“Alex” (b.06/05/1990)

C2: ANDREA CATHERINE {JUERS} (b.08/11/1992) 

C3: DANIEL KENNETH JUERS“Danny” (b.11/03/1995)

Pets: Samson (Sammy) the Dog, b.2000, Sonya, b.2007)

C3: DENISE ANN {JUERS} (b.05/25/1965)
 m. MARK WILLIAM STRIFE (b.07/11/1963) on 06/01/1991


C2: EVAN MICHAEL STRIFE (b.04/07/1999)

C4: JENNIFER JEAN {JUERS} (b.10/03/1969)
  m. RICHARD L. GREEN (b.05/dd/yyyy) on 10/dd/yyyyy


C2: ADAM ROBERT GREEN (b.11/dd/yyyy)


C4: KENNETH ROBERT JUERS (10/20/1937-11/23/2009)2
  m. CHARLOTTE [MIDDLE] {CARLSON}, circa 1957, annulled due to medical reasons.

  m. JOYCE ELIZABETH {ASARO} (b.11/06/1944) on 06/23/1962

C1: LISA ANN {JUERS} (b.12/19/1962); From Bayville, NY; Now in Grand Island, FL
m.DARREN [L.] HEAVNER ( 05/26/1985; No children. Marriage Certificate 041918; Volume 5858, Orange County, FL. Divorced 07/10/1992, Summit OH, Certificate #028416, Volume 07128.

m. JAMES [MIDDLE] CLARK ( on 05/12/2001; No children.

C2: ROY JAMES JUERS II (b.06/21/1965); Confirmation name Robert; From Bayville, NY; Now in Apopka, FL
  m.STEPHANIE ANN {SMYTHE} STERLING (b. 09/09/1960) since 08/08/2005

  m. WILLIAM [MIDDLE] MULLINS (b.02/21/1984) on 09/23/2012


C2: SAVANNAH RAE {MULLINS} (b.05/15/2016)

  m. JOAN E. {ZAWOLICK}3 (03/03/1948-12/02/2004) on 11/11/1972 at: Sons of Norway Lodge, Norway Hall, St James NY; Reception at Norge 3-337, East Williston NY

C3: AMANDA BRETT {JUERS} (b.11/01/1976); From E. Northport, NY; Now in Sacramento, CA

C1: DESTINY KLASSYC {JUERS} (b.04/30/2000) (father, Richard Babcock)

C2: DOMINIK JORDAN JUERS (b.02/04/2007) (father, Dwight Ingram)

C4: ALYSON BROOKE {JUERS} (b.08/01/1978); From Sacramento, CA; Now in Chico, CA

C1: KEYANA DANIELLE {JUERS} (b.12/08/1994)
 m. JOSEPH ENGLISH ADAMS (b. 03/15/1994) on 05/02/2016

C1. SCARLETT JOAN {ADAMS} (b. 10/17/2016)

  m. ROBERTA COLE WYATT “Bobbie” (b.08/26/53) on 10/20/1990

C5: KARRIE ANNE {WYATT} (b.09/05/1984); Stepdaughter


C5: GERALD JOHN JUERS “Gerry” (08/31/1943-10/08/2002)
  m. AMY KATHERYN {LEDWITH} (b.07/23/1945) between 1970-1971

C1: CORINNE KELLI {JUERS} (b.04/12/1971)
  m. RICHARD MARK PACE (b.02/06/1966) on 07/05/2001

C1: MARK THOMAS PACE (b.02/23/2000)

m. IRENE [R.] {SIMONS} approx 1973?( on (mm/dd/1973??) Subsequently married Jim Leahy.

C2: GERALD JOHN LEAHY (b.11/20/1983) (formerly GERALD JOHN JUERS JR)
m. NIKKI [A.] {MAIDEN} (b.02/13/1985) on (05/30/2008)


C6: ROY JAMES JUERS, CPL USMC(01/22/1945-09/12/1967)

NOTES: KIA: Buried at LI National Cemetery at Pinelawn, Farmingdale, NY, plot V1806, with his brother Ken. Roy dated Diane Campagna, I believe, but never married, & had no children.


C7: ROBERT LOUIS JUERS, “Bob” (08/19/1946 – 04/16/1995)
  m. PATTI ANN {VELSOR} (b.06/15/1949) on nn/nn/1966

C1: ERIK ROBERT JUERS (b.09/22/1966) 

C2: DAVID BRIAN JUERS (b.06/08/1968)
m. MARIBEL [I.] {FIGUEROA} ( on mm/dd/1992. Divorced.

C1: DANIELLE CELENIA {JUERS} (b.07/10/1992)

m. MARIA GABRIELA {MAYORGA} (b.08/08/1966) on 05/25/1990


C2: VICTORIA MARIE {POLETIS} (b.01/26/1994)

C3: ELIZABETH MARIE {POLETIS} (b.08/09/2001)

* discovered as of 12/05/12; Retired, US NAVY

m. VIRGINIA ANNE {KEMISH}, “Ginny” (b.10/26/1948 est) on 10/15/1972

No Children.

m. RUTH [MIDDLE] {MAIDEN} JUERS ( on mm/dd/yyyy

No children.

This concludes the Harry Paul Juers branch of the Tree.

C3: LUDWIG HENRICK JUERS (a.k.a. LOUIS H. JUERS) (b.01/02/1910 – 1972 Jan*) CAL
m. CATHERINE MARIE {WELLBROCK}“Kay” (b.02/02/1914 – 11/13/1990)

Lou ran booze during prohibition apparently, and raised millions for the Shriner’s burn center. Was a very high-level Mason (according to Uncle Harry). He took… (missing content- something Uncle Harry told me that I forgot to write down)…
(Thanks to Cathy Juers Vinci, who helped me learn Catherine Marie & “Kay” were the same person.)

C1: JOHN JOSEPH JUERS (b.02/13/1938); Bronx, NY
m. ROBERTA ANN NUGENT, “Bobby” (10/25/1939 – 10/13/2012) on mm/dd/yyyy CAL

C1: JOHN JOSEPH JUERS, JR (b.09/05/1956); Bronx NY
m. KIMBERLY LISA {TOMMINS} (b.04/12/1959) on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: DANA LYN {JUERS} (b.01/21/1985); Santa Monica, CA

C2: JOHN PAUL JUERS (b.06/02/1989); Danbury, CT

C2: WILLIAM RICHARD  JUERS, “Billy” (b.08/20/1958); Bethel, CT
m. LOURDES [MIDDLE] {JONES} (b.12/27/1962) on 05/27/1989

C1: WILLIAM CHRISTIAN JUERS, “Billy” (b.03/27/1991)

C2: CHELSEA ROSE {JUERS} (b.11/13/1992)


C4: JORDAN ARI JUERS (b.01/05/2001)

  m. BARBARA [MIDDLE] {COSTELLO} (b.04/25/1942) on 01/dd/1963.

C3: LAURA MARIE {JUERS} (b.06/16/1967); Newtown, CT
m.MARK [MIDDLE] ROTHENHAUSEN (b.01/28/1970) on 12/08/2000.

C1: KAITLYN ROSE {ROTHENHAUSEN} (b.05/24/2005), twin

C2: SARAH NICOLE {ROTHENHAUSEN} (b.05/24/2005), twin

C4: CATHERINE ANN {JUERS}“Cathy”  (b.08/20/1969); Somers, NY
  m. MARK [NMN] VINCI (b.03/29/1963) on 10/26/1996.

C1: DOMINIC JOHN VINCI (b.01/16/2002)

C2: JAKE MICHAEL VINCI (b.11/06/2003)

C3: AVA DANIELLE {VINCI} (b.03/15/2007)

  m. JOAN [M.] {DI BERADINO} JUERS (b.08/29/1950) on 06/01/1979 or 1980

No Children.


C2: RICHARD [W.] JUERS (b.08/05/1940); Cape Coral, FL
m. PATRICIA [A.] {MC CONLOGUE} (b.09/19/yyyy) on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: RICHARD [W.] JUERS JR, “Ricky” (b.08/07/1968); Cape Coral, FL
  m. BITTINA [L.] {SCHMIDT} ( on 04/08/1989

C1: HEATHER CATHERINE {JUERS} (b.06/01/1991)
  w. BEAU [MIDDLE] REED (since 01/05/07)

C1: LOGAN CURTIS JUERS (b.11/28/2012)

C2: COURTNEY MARIE {JUERS} (b.05/07/1995)

C2: STEVEN [A.] JUERS (b.07/09/1973)
  m. ALETHA CHE {PAEZ} (b.07/02/1975est) on mm/dd/yyyy
Divorced, No Children.
 m. RITA [MIDDLE] {CONBOY} (mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/1958)
C3: LOUIS HENRY JUERS JR (b. 11/26/1949)
 m. DIANE [MIDDLE] {MAIDEN} (b. mm/dd/yyyy) on mm/dd/yyyy.
C1: LOUIS [MIDDLE] JUERS III (?) (b. 09/20/1981)
 m. AKI [MIDDLE] {SAITO} (b. 05/18/1978) on 07/11/2004
C1: SCOTT [MIDDLE] JUERS (b. mm/dd/yyyy)
C2: SYNDY [MIDDLE] JUERS (b. mm/dd/yyyy)
C2: BRIAN [MIDDLE] JUERS research pending
C3: research pending
C4: research pending
C5: research pending
C6: research pending
Stepchildren through Diane’s previous marriage;
C7: research pending
C8: research pending
 This concludes the Ludwig Henrick Juers branch of the Tree.

C4: HELEN [MIDDLE] {JUERS}* (10/07/1917?-01/12/2012) Lived in Edgewater Park, Bronx NY
  m.JOHN [MILTON?] QUIRK ( on mm/dd/yyyy.
According to, John Milton Quirk’s parents were Thomas (b. 1881) & Kate (b. 1883) Quirk, & he had 5 siblings; Thomas Quirk Jr, Arthur Quirk, Vincient Quirk, Helen Quirk & Dorothy Quirk.  It’s unclear if the Helen is a coincidence, but for the 1930 Census, she was 16, so she was born in 1914. Father Thomas Milton was born in New York, but his parents were from Ireland.

C1: HELEN [MIDDLE] {QUIRK} (b.09/13/1940)
m. WILLIAM [MIDDLE] CASEY (b.12/17/yyyy) on 10/17/1959

 m. REGINA [MIDDLE] {MAIDEN} ( on mm/dd/yyyy



m. TERI LEE {MAIDEN} ( on mm/dd/yyyy??

C1: CHILD UNKNOWN (Stepchild through wife)

C2: CHILD UNKNOWN (Stepchild through wife

Granddaughters Evie (b.Feb 2014) and Frances Grace (b. est Jan 2012?)

This concludes the Helen [Middle] Juers branch of the Tree.

C5: FREDERICK ADOLF JUERS (b.08/26/1922 – 11/24/2004), SOG/1C US NAVY
( shows Fred born in NY on Aug 22, but Lebanon Daily News Obituary confirms Aug 26)

m. JUNE [E.] {KNOX} ( – 08/23/1997) on mm/dd/yyyy, lived in Bay Shore, NY, but Fred died in Sykesville, MD, & is buried at Hill Lutheran Church Cemetery, Lebanon PA.
Other addresses include: 8720 Ridge #103 Ellicott City, MD 21043 

C1: ALAN FREDERIC JUERS ( Listed in Obit 1st, from Sykesville MD 
m. KATHERINE MARY {MAIDEN} ( on mm/dd/yyyy.

No Children.

8720 Ridge Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043 (410) 418-8342     (443) 489-5393;
Columbia MD, Lebanon PA, Deerfield Beach, FL, N. Lauderdale, FL, Coconut Creek, FL

C2: DAVID BRUCE JUERS ( listed 2nd in obit, from Baltimore, MD

Never Married, No Children. Verified.
According to, possible numbers & addresses are:

– 1213 Saint Agnes Ln, Gwynn Oak, MD 21207, (410) 788-6187
– Catonsville, MD (410) 788-6187
– Baltimore, MD

C3: CAROLYN JUNE {JUERS} (10/05/1955 – 03/19/1957)2

Carolyn died from encephalitis, & is buried at Long Island National Cemetery, Plot 2E, 1130 (due  to Frederick being in the Navy).  Frederick left NY & is buried in Lebanon, PA.

C4: ANDREW JAMES JUERS (b. 02/03/1959)
(* Possibly 01/28/1947 (*; Listed 3rd in Obit, from Harrisburg PA
 m. WENDY ELLEN {WEISSMAN) (b. 03/12/1954)(*according to on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: MARK PHILLIP JUERS (b. 09/26/1985); Bloomington IN. Previously Carlisle PA, Eugene OR.
 m. KELLEIGH ANNE {SWETT} (b. 04/07/1984 est.) on 01/11/yyyy

C1: MOXIE LAYNE {JUERS} (b. 10/24/2009)

C2: RHYS VIOLET {JUERS} (b. 12/03/2014) (pronounced “Reese”)

m. ELISE [D] {WHITE} (b. 12/dd/1957)(*according to  (SPECULATION) 


This concludes the Frederick Adolf Juers branch of the Tree.

Possible address & Phone # connections:

  1. 2055 Meadowfield Rd, Lebanon PA, June 1993- Nov 2000
  2. Anne L. Juers (b. mm/dd/1952) at the same address in Sykesville MD (410) 489-5393
    Anne L. Truehart
  3. Katherine A. Juers (b. mm/dd/1959) at the same address in Sykesville MD (410) 489-5393
    Possibly now Katherine Pollock, married to Lee, Teaneck NJ? or to James Roach
  4. June E Knox-Juers  (717) 273-6341 (PA #), 13758 Barberry Way, Sykesville, MD
    Possible current address: 13758  Barberry  Way Sykesville, MD 21784
    302 Main St, Camp Hill, PA 17011
    3812 Maple St, Harrisburg, PA 17109 (717) 671-0162
    Paxtonia, PA (717) 671-0162
    Elizabethtown, PA

End of Juers Family Tree


1- Kenneth Robert Juers & Roy James Juers (his younger brother), are buried together at Long Island National Cemetery at Pinelawn, 2040 Wellwood Avenue, Farmingdale, NY 11735; (631) 454-4949. Burial Plot V1806.

2- Carolyn June Juers is buried at Long Island National Cemetery at Pinelawn, 2040 Wellwood Avenue, Farmingdale, NY 11735; (631) 454-4949. Section 2E Site 1130. Since she died as an infant, & since Pinelawn is a military cemetery, it was initially thought she was buried there with Frederick Adolf Juers, since he was US Navy.  But Frederick is apparently interred elsewhere, so Carolyn is there by herself, with my dad Ken & his brother Roy nearby at Plot V1806; so at least she’s not alone.

3- Joan Zawolik Juers had no given middle name. Ken “gave” her Middle Initial “E” as an anniversary or birthday gift. Whether Joan ever had the middle initial formally added to her name with SSA is unknown.

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——– MCGINLEY Line ———-

Great-Great-Grandfather ALBERT (or ALFRED) JUERS (mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy)

NOTES: 12/10/12: While searching for records of Frederick Juers, I discovered a Frederick Juers in the 1910 Census of Bell Township, Marshall, IL. He has several siblings, among them an ALBERT, and EMMA… no parent names were showing though… they were on the previous page.

Another discovery: 1920 Census of Saginaw County, MI, a Frederick Juers (age 67) & wife Alvina (age 54), born in 1853 & 1866 respectively. Both from Germany & immigrated to the U.S. in 1880.

Great-Great-Grandmother EDITH WERNER (mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy)???
Great-Great Grandfather ALFRED WERNER

JULIUS HUGO WERNER (08/08/1826 – mm/dd/yyyy) from Prussia

ELIZABETH LIBBIAN {WERNER} (10/27/1886-08/14/1958)
m. JAMES [MIDDLE] McGINLEY on April 23, 1905; St. Aloysius’ Church, 219 (was 209) W. 132nd St, NY. Witnesses: Alfred Werner, Edith Werner

C1: EDWINA L. McGINLEY (b.1906-12/22/1919)

C1: HELEN MALVINA McGINLEY (12/11/1908-02/24/1986)(twin)

C2: HOWARD J. McGINLEY (12/11/1908 – mm/dd/yyyy)


Either HOWARD McGINLEY married JUDY {MAIDEN} McGINLEY, or Helen & Howard has another sibling.
But in Harry & Helen Juers’ wedding photo, there is a Judy McGinley standing next to Howard.

JAMES McGINLEY (mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy) No Dates- Hand-written in, name only. Buried mm/dd/yyyy at: Calvary II Cemetery, Section 55, Range 20, Plot N, Graves 9 & 10; 49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside NY 11377; (718) 786-8000.

m. LEO J. KILGALON (mm/dd/1879 – 02/dd/1926), Age 47, on 11/05/1918, at Church of St. Paul the Apostle, 415 W. 59th. St (faces 10 Columbus Ave), NY.

C1: IRENE [MIDDLE] {KILGALON} (mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy)
m. WALTER [C.] COMIRE (mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy) on mm/dd/yyyy

m. PAULINE [M.] {MAIDEN} ( on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: ANNE MARIE {KILGALON} (mm/dd/yyyy – 08/dd/2010): Known as Annamarie, Anne Marie or Anne
m. GEORGE [MIDDLE] LORENZ (mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy) on mm/dd/yyyy

m. CHRISTOPHER [MIDDLE] VECSEY ( on mm/dd/yyyy


m. SPOUSE FINN ( on mm/dd/yyyy

C1: JOAN [MIDDLE] “Joanie” {FINN} (


m. ALDO [MIDDLE] GIORDANO ( on mm/dd/yyyy


LILLIAN WERNER (12/27/1897-09/04/1938)
(DOB according to Uncle Harry. Death Certificate says she was 37 yrs old, which would make her born in 1900 or 1901). Daughter of George Hugo Werner & Adelaide “Ida” Hammer.

ELIZABETH LIBBIAN {WERNER} McGINLEY (10/27/1886-08/14/1958), Age 71)
m.LEO J. KILGALON on 11/05/1918, at Church of St. Paul the Apostle, 415 W. 59th. St (faces 10Columbus Ave), NY.

Leo J (buried 03/02/1926) & Elizabeth Werner-McGinley-Kilgalon (buried 08/19/1958) both interred at:

Calvary II Cemetery, 49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside Queens, NY; Section 55, Range 20, Plot N, Graves 9 & 10

EDWINA L. (was F. prior) McGINLEY, Age 13 (b.1906 – 12/22/1919)
(Edwina was Helen & Howard’s older sister) Cause of death so far unknown. Buried 12/25/1919: Calvary II Cemetery, Section 55, Range 20, Plot N, Graves 9 & 10; 49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside, NY 11377; (718) 786-8000.

JAMES McGINLEY (mm/dd/yyyy) No Dates- Hand-written in, name only. Buried mm/dd/yyyy at: Calvary II Cemetery, Section 55, Range 20, Plot N, Graves 9 & 10; 49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside NY 11377; (718) 786-8000.

If you see anything incorrect or missing, please either add comments below, or send me an email with any new info, so our Tree can be updated… thank you!

Special thanks to some peeps who’ve been instrumental in filling in lots of gaps I had:
Cathy Juers-Vinci (Ludwig Henrick Juers’ branch); Christine Juers-Allen & Michael Juers (both from Adolph Arthur Juers’s branch), among others.  In just a few chats (from Nov 2012 to now), they gave us a ton of info for the tree, so thanks, newly-found cousins!

So here’s our Tree, line by line. I’m trying to find a way to display it graphically.
But for now this’ll have to do… and it’s all I know, have learned, or have screwed up…

Love, Health, Success, & Wellness to you all!

~ Roy J Juers II (son of Ken, grandson of Harry Paul, great-grandson of Adolf…)


This tree is based on the hierarchy, that Adolf & Anna Juers are my Great-Grandparents.

  • Anyone DECEASED is in grey.
  • Descendants are bullet-listed according to the relationship to their parent;  C1 (1st child), C2 (2nd child), etc.
  • {MAIDEN NAMES} of women are in curly brackets, whether they’re Juers’ or in-laws.
  • [MIDDLE] is shown for unknown middle names. If a middle initial is all that’s known, it’ll show as [M]“.
  • If [NMN] appears as someone’s middle name, it means they have No Middle Name. So far, it’s only applicable to two cousins that I know of.
  • The letter “m.” means the person married; after which, their spouse’s name, birth date, anniversary date, & any children will be shown.  The letter “w.” meaning “with“… applies either to couples who are together but not married, or parents of a child (together or not) who are also not married.
  • FB means I’m Friends with that person on Facebook.  FBG means they’re part of the Juers Family Group on Facebook (whether I’m Friends with them or not).
  • CAL means their dates of their birth, death &/or anniversaries are in the online Calendar.

Last Update: 22 Sept 2016.


  1. charles A. Juers says:

    MCGINLEY line it reeds:

    Great-Great-Grandfather ALBERT (or ALFRED) JUERS (mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy)

    NOTES: 12/10/12: While searching for records of Frederick Juers, I discovered a Frederick Juers in the 1910 Census of Bell Township, Marshall, IL. He has several siblings, among them an ALBERT, and EMMA… no parent names were showing though… they were on the previous page.

    I may be able to help! Please email me

    • That’s great Charles! I’m emailing you right now… Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I didn’t really know your comment was here for awhile… but check your email! Thanks, Roy

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