Census & Immigration Records

Greetings, Juers family & friends!

This is my first attempt to add some actual content to the site, so I’ll keep it simple by posting a bunch of links.

What you’ll see here are historical documents (some of them official) or other interesting items found thru various family & genealogy sites.

When you click on the various document links, it won’t take you to any other website, but rather, will open up an image  of that document in a new tab of your web browser.

Some of the sites I’ve chosen to use to find things are Ancestry.com, Archives.com, EllisIsland.com, and Find-a-Grave.com, among others.

These type of documents will include Census Records, which help to confirm children & addresses at each Census.  Also, there’ll be Immigration Records (wherever appropriate or available), Passenger Manifests, and associated information on the various vessels that may have transported our Juers ancestors over from the old country (whichever old country that might be!).

So enjoy to your heart’s content.  These images are a reduced size, by the way, but larger versions are available. Love to all!

~ Roy II


Immigration Documents:

None uploaded yet.

Census Records:

1910 Census: Adolph & Anna Juers

1920 Census: Adolph & Anna Juers

1930 Census: Arthur & Louise Juers

1930 Census: Harry & Helen Juers

1940 Census: Harry & Helen Juers

Passenger Manifests:

None uploaded yet.

Vessel Information:

None uploaded yet.

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