Corinne Kelli Juers

(b. April 12, 1971)

My fabulous cousin Corinne & I were close when we were younger… as close as cousins under the age of 10 could be I guess.  We didn’t see each other all that often, but we always had fun from what I can remember.  I always had a “thing” for her mom, always thought Amy was a beautiful lady when I was a boy.  For years we drifted apart for no other reason than life & relocation.  But we’ve connected recently on Social Media & have regular chats on Facebook.

Corinne has an amazing adolescent son Mark who as of 2016 is 16 years old… he was born the same year as my beautiful niece Destiny, my sister Amanda’s daughter.  Her dad, my uncle Gerry, had a hard life, and so that is one reason I have very few pictures of him or of Corinne… so if anyone out there has more pictures for me, I want them & I want them now!! lol



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