Christine Shirley Juers

(b. Aug. 12, 1946)

I met Christine & her husband Ken Allen for the first time (that I can remember anyway) on Feb 19, 2013…  I may have met her when I was around age 5, if at all.  Stephanie, my sister Lisa & I had a great time spending time together, along with her niece Gigi Papa, at Mitchell’s Fish Market in Winter Park.  That was “the new beginning” of a relationship I now cherish with my cousins.

I go back & forth between calling her ‘Aunt Chris’ or just ‘cousin’.  She’s first cousin to my dad, so technically she’s my 1st-cousin-once-removed.  That always confused me, those relational terms!

So, first-cousin-once-removed-Aunt-Chris was married before & had a son, Billy Dixon.  We had the pleasure of meeting Billy & his wife Judy & their daughters Michelle & Victoria (Tori), when they were visiting Florida a couple of years ago.  But Christine and her 2nd husband Ken have a daughter, Kim Ann, whom we met at the same time, albeit briefly with her husband Matt Mueller & their two kids (at the time) Ryan & Olivia.  Their daughter Avery was born later.

So for now, I’ll post what I have & hopefully get some more up here soon.  Love you Chris!

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