A Collection of Juers Stories

I decided to create this page to see if people would respond, by writing stories about their families.

I figured if there was a central place where people could just read things, it would be a better website.

Some stories are short, some are long; some silly & some deep; some are funny, others are scary or sad;

But the best stories are the ones told & remembered, not lost or forgotten; so if you add yours here, it'll be forever...



Miracle of the Medals Part 2

It all began 16 years ago, in the summer of ’94.  Military medals, belonging to my godfather & uncle, Roy Juers of Oyster Bay, had been missing in the family for the better part of 15 years.  Then out of nowhere, they miraculously reappeared, through the altruistic gesture of James Knight, an Oyster Bay sanitation […]

Miracle of the Medals

So both sides of my family are from Nassau County, Long Island.  And I’m named after my uncle Roy J. Juers, second-youngest of my father’s 5 brothers. That’s why I’m Roy J. Juers II, not Roy Jr.  Uncle Roy was my godfather (my mom’s sister, my Aunt Barbara is my godmother… she factors in later). […]