A Collection of Juers Posts

I decided to create this page just now, to collect posts about our family.

It never occurred to me that if there was a central place where people could just read things, that it'd be a better website.

Some stories are short, some are long; some are silly & some are deep; some are funny, some are scary or sad;

But the best stories are the ones that are remembered & not forgotten; and if you add yours here, it'll be forever...



Want it to move forward, faster…

It’s a conundrum… nothing excites me more these days, than when a family member (or potential one) reaches out to me.  It’s gratifying that my efforts with this website are being discovered by people, and even better still when they actually contact me, like cousin Paul recently did. But I have to admit, it’s disheartening […]

A Virtual Wall Memorial by Ken Magyar

Roy James Juers, Corporal Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division United States Marine Corps 22 January 1945 – 12 September 1967 East Norwich, New York Vietnam Memorial Wall, Panel 26E Line 60 Interred, Long Island National Cemetery, V1806, Farmingdale NY Submitted 23 May 2008 My name is Ken Magyar. I served with Roy, […]

A Great Day in My Life

October 25, 2014: This is the day I’d waited for, for many years.  Confirming & making contact… Cassandra Rachelle MacDougal was born in the winter of early 1988.  Ours is an unusual story, one where the details get a little fuzzy because they go back so far. But one thing’s clear; the day we finally […]

Happy 83rd Birthday, Harry Juers

My uncle, Harry Walter Juers, would have been 83 a week ago, on March 5th. Harry was an amazing man, & his oldest son, Michael, posted something poignant on his Facebook page that I wanted to share… sorry Michael, I had to do it! I paraphrased where necessary, but Michael has such a deeper perspective […]

So… are we related, or aren’t we? THAT is the Question…

Curious, isn’t it?  You’ve looked around, saw some cool stuff. Thinking maybe you’re connected somehow, but not sure? I know the feeling.  I’ve been finding the Juers name all over the internet, as far away as Australia, and have been asking myself, are they a branch of our Juers family from Germany, who went there […]

About the Images You’ll See Here…

God Bless our Uncle Harry. Harry was the self-proclaimed genealogist of the family.  He did an amazing amount of research, and knew so much about the family, that I am in a constant state of regret that I did not make a more determined effort to visit with him more often, to learn about the […]

Roy sings Mack the Knife; Summer 2009

Summer, 2009. I went to see dad in Chico, because his cancer was giving him grief & he was starting chemo, and not particularly happy about it.   I want to say I kinda knew things were bad, but I was still in denial, definitely. Anyway, one night we went to the Holiday Inn where […]

Me & Dad at the Ballgame…

October 9, 2003  Dad & I have always had a great passion for the New York Yankees.  I remember, at that time, feeling like time was gaining on us as a family, for whatever reason.  Dad was 66 & not in the best of health, even though, all things considered, he was doing pretty well… […]

Welcome, Juers watchers…

Well welcome, everybody… I want to apologize for the site being down for awhile.  Apple has this cool tool for building web pages, called iWeb.  It’s a pretty easy-to-use interface, and though it didn’t have a ton of bells & whistles, I didn’t need to know any code to get a website functional for people […]