Places Important to Juers History

Every family has a history; some good, some shady; some local, some far away. As a family, the Juers' came into the United States primarily through Ellis Island NY. Shortly thereafter, the Juers' started venturing in to the great new world of the United States, and now we're spread out all over God's green Earth!

So to preserve some memory & history for the future kids of our family, I thought it'd be nice to have not just pictures of people, but a section for special places that Juers families hold dear to them. You can add posts here, and hopefully pictures, if I can figure out how to enable you to do that... This blog this is cool, but complicated!

Love to all... hope to see some of your contributions here & throughout the site...
Love, Cousin Roy

Long Island National Cemetery

Not sure if adding more paragraphs is going to help, but right now I can’t figure out why the picture is not showing in the post’s summary on the Places page. So we’ll keep adding paragraphs & see if the layout change that results from it will make the picture appear the way I want […]

Calvary Cemetery, Queens

So, the Juers family history is a bit complicated. The further back you go into the 20th century, the murkier the water gets… I guess that’s the same with just about any family. But where there’s even more complication in where they’re buried. Enter, Calvary II Cemetery 49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside, NY 11377 Plot 55/20 […]

Bayville & Oyster Bay, NY

Hey everyone, this is Roy Juers II here… welcome to my humble site… For those who don’t know, I was born & raised in Bayville, NY. I lived there only until I was 9, but I’ve always considered it my hometown, and I love it dearly. Our street, Wanser Avenue, was a narrow little single-lane […]

Bronx Maternity & Woman’s Hospital

Located at the corner of the Grand Concourse & 166th Street in the Bronx, this hospital is where my uncle Bob, Robert Louis Juers, was born on August 19, 1946. I was searching for it to get the actual address so I could map it out, and I found an interesting email exchange about the […]

The Moore Building, Oyster Bay NY

In the mid 20th century, after Harry Paul Juers died,  his wife Helen McGinley left the Bronx with her 6 boys, and headed east to Oyster Bay, NY, where they lived at 5 East Main Street, at the intersection of South Street & Shore Avenue. I found a neat little narrated video about the building […]