The Documents & Records of our Juers Family

Mainly what you'll see here, are links to images of various things, like Census Records, Immigration Records or other various info. Rather than display actual images or slideshows here (which, for documents, would be pretty boring), you'll see links. So, when you click on the links, it'll open up a new tab or window in your browser & display the image for that particular linked-document.

Please know, I AM concerned about privacy. All the Docs & Records compiled here are public record, easily found through any internet search; which is how I got most of them in the first place!

For right now, it's just a place to keep them, until we figure out if they're best served somewhere else on the site. It was fun putting even this small list together; I learned a lot!

Census & Immigration Records

Greetings, Juers family & friends! This is my first attempt to add some actual content to the site, so I’ll keep it simple by posting a bunch of links. What you’ll see here are historical documents (some of them official) or other interesting items found thru various family & genealogy sites. When you click on the various […]