Arthur Anthony Juers

(Feb. 1, 1928 - Sept. 5, 2011)

Arthur Anthony Juers ("Artie"), former Director of Quality Control [for Wonder Bread], died September 5, 2011. He was 83. Artie was always proud of his affiliation with CBC.  

The picture at right shows Artie with his new grandchild (unsure which one) dressed in a replica of a Wonder Bread wrapper.ArtieJuers

Artie worked in the original lab above the Jamaica Bakery, and in 1957 was transferred to the Lab in Rye N.Y., and worked there until the office moved to St. Louis.

He was promoted to Director of Quality Control after moving to St Louis, a position he held until his retirement. He was injured while working in Natick with two trainees by a car while they were crossing the street after work. All three received major injuries. Joe Signore arranged for the company plane be made available for Artie’s wife Gloria, so she could see him.  He suffered from the injuries to his left leg until he passed.

Those that attended the Tampa Luncheons will recall being greeted by Artie & Gloria as they arrived. They were constant participants & workers at the luncheons (hosted by Jack Crisp). Sue & I enjoyed the hospitality of Artie & Gloria many times in Florida.



(b. 19yy)

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(b. 07/02/1953)

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