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Kenneth R Juers’ Memorial Service

This is Dad’s memorial service. It’s been on YouTube for some time, but no one really goes to my YouTube channel; so, here is the memorial service for our dad, Kenneth Robert Juers. Rest in peace, Pop.  We love you!      

Long Island National Cemetery

Not sure if adding more paragraphs is going to help, but right now I can’t figure out why the picture is not showing in the post’s summary on the Places page. So we’ll keep adding paragraphs & see if the layout change that results from it will make the picture appear the way I want […]

Calvary Cemetery, Queens

So, the Juers family history is a bit complicated. The further back you go into the 20th century, the murkier the water gets… I guess that’s the same with just about any family. But where there’s even more complication in where they’re buried. Enter, Calvary II Cemetery 49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside, NY 11377 Plot 55/20 […]