This is the silk screen that eventually made the infamous Juers T-shirt; but where is the original??

Welcome to the Juers Family website. I’m Roy James Juers II.

I built this site in October 2012, with a whole lot of input from my uncle Harry & several others in the family.

Initially, I built it to honor my dad, Ken, as a place to keep all the info I could gather on (his dad) my grandfather Harry & all 7 of his kids; which include my dad, of course, my aunt Helen, & my uncles Harry, Don, Gerry, Roy & Bob.

I soon realized my grandfather Harry had 4 siblings, & they had kids… lots of them.  So even though the site’s top picture shows my dad & his siblings, this site’s really for all of us; anyone who’s a descendant of Adolf Emile Juers & Anna Marie Jerebek (from Hamburg & Bohemia, respectively).

So my goal was to create this place, where people can learn about Juers things, connect or re-connect with Juers people, and become part of a little legacy for those who’ll come after us.  There’s still lots of work to be done here.  So if you have any ideas, feel free to share them.  And if you see anything missing or incorrect, or have more detailed info, please contact me; I need your help to complete this tree! The most common pieces of missing information are middles names & dates… and the kids of two branches of the tree.

You can upload photos & add your own comments, which was the goal from the beginning; to have everyone contribute. After approval, they’ll go live on the site.

It’s been a labor of love for me, after Dad & Uncle Harry died (2009 & 2012).  As I learn how to blog better, we’ll continue to add more & more stuff in here.  In my research, I learned there’s way more to this Juers family of ours, it’s huge.  And it’s global.  Here’s a little walk-through of what to expect;

The Family Tree:  This is a visual representation of our family going back to the late 1800’s.   Adolf & Anna Juers, my great-grandparents, produced 5 children (one of them my grandfather Harry), which led to 19 Grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren, and 63 great-great-grandchildren.  And those are only the ones I know of…  there may be more.  So here you can see all of it, laid out in front of you…, and if you hover your mouse over The Family Tree tab, a drop-down appears where you can look at each branch of the tree separately.

Galleries: Uncle Harry sent me an amazing collection of pictures, which are on the Historical Juers Images page… there’s a slideshow there; I’ll eventually add more slideshows.  It’s slow going, though, because most of my pictures have to be resized for the internet.  I also need more pictures from you!  But you’ll see anyone who has an active slideshow, on the Galleries page.

Obviously, all of us will have images from way-back-when, that the rest of us have never seen.  With today’s technology, we can all share what each of us has, with the rest of our family.  So this seems to be a great platform for everyone to do that.

The Calendar:  This is a nice & simple calendar that shows all the birth dates, death dates, & anniversaries that I have, for everyone in the tree (many dates are still missing)…

The Map: This is an interactive Google map, which basically shows you where Juers people are.  To protect people’s privacy, no street addresses are ever displayed.

The Places: These are posts about places that are important to our history.  I can only put what’s important to history as I know it.  The rest is up to you.  That’s why there are Comment Boxes at the bottom of every page of the site; so write to your heart’s content.  We all wanna know.

The Docs & Records: Pretty self-explanatory.  All documents in here are public domain; like Census Records, Passenger Manifests & Newspaper articles.  I’m sure many of you can contribute to this… (hint hint)

Please add your comments below, or send me an email with any new info, so our Tree can be updated… thanks!

Special thanks to Cathy Juers-Vinci (from Ludwig Henrick Juers’ branch); and Christine Juers-Allen & Michael Gerard Juers (both from Adolph Arthur Juers’ branch), among others.  In just a few chats (from Nov 2012 to now), they’ve given us a ton of info for the tree, so thanks, newly-found cousins!

So this is for all of you guys.   And for Ken & for Ben.  For now, it’s all I know, have learned, or have otherwise screwed up…  Invite other relatives, & come visit often!  May God bless you all with Love, Great Health, Success, & Happiness… the entire Juers family…

Have an awesome day!

Roy J Juers II (son of Ken, grandson of Harry Paul, great-grandson of Adolf…)
Apopka, FL


  1. paul joseph juers jr. says:

    paul`s address is in sunnyside,queens NY 11104

  2. paul joseph juers jr. says:


  3. Clarke Whitehand says:

    G’day Roy,
    My wife is descended from the South Australian connection, Heinrich Johann Joachim Juers, He married Johanna Juliane Pfeiffer during 1850 at Lobethal, South Australia. The couple had 15 children between 1851 and 1872, Louise Marie Dorothea Juers, b. 1855, married Karl Gottlieb FECHNER at Eudunda, South Australia during 1878, their 3rd child, Wanda Esther Priscilla Fechner is my wife’s Grandmother.
    Has anything been found yet to confirm H J J Juers birth and parents?
    Regards, Clarke W.

    • Hello Clarke!
      Thanks so much for writing! I haven’t yet made the actual Australia Juers connection… it probably lies in Germany somewhere. I’m amazed how far back it goes, and that Heinrich had 15 kids! That goes to show you that although Juers is a rare name, there’s still lots of descendants out there… we’ll keep digging for clues, though!!

  4. Susie Crawford says:

    Hi… I was just browsing around while I was working and found your site. I lived across the street from Roy, Bobby and Gerry in Oyster Bay. Bobby and Roy were my best friends. Gerry was one of my brothers best friends. Roy was my first crush and like I said my best friend for a long time. I was so sad to see on your site that Bobby and Gerry were also gone. How long have they been gone? We kept vigil over Gerry when he had his accident. I am also doimg my family heritage. It is quite an undertaking. I applaud you for doing it. I type in names of friends and try to find them on FB and had been trying to locate Bobby and Gerry to try to connect when I came across this site. As soon as I saw their pictures I knew I had the right site. I could have sent you a lot of pix when they were young but our house burned down and we lost everything. Just memories, but they are just as good. You were named after a beautiful soul. One who I will think of every day of my life. Good luck in your endeavor. Susie

    • Hi Susie… I hope you’re able to get my reply through here… in fact, I’ll copy it & send it thru email just to be sure… Roy was my dad Ken’s younger brother, & he must’ve been a beautiful soul, because he chose to name after him, even while he was still alive. I was just one 2 when we lost Roy in Vietnam. Bob & Gerry have been gone for quite awhile now; Bob in 1995 & Gerry in 2002. Bob was the age I am now, 48… so incredibly unfairly young.

      I have pictures of Roy with a girl I presume was his girlfriend at the time, Diane Price, I think? I may have her name wrong. Anyway, a very amazing turn of events came in August of 1994, when Roy’s military medals resurfaced, after disappearing from Gerry’s care about 15 years earlier. Newsday did a page-2 piece on it that day; 08/24/94. It was called Miracle of the Medals… and it was.

      I’m so sorry to hear you had a house fire, because they’re horrible first off, & also because I’d have LOVED to have seen the pictures you have. I have a few but comparatively speaking, very little. This site that I;m building is a slow labor of love & a work-in-progress, so I need whatever pictures I can get, from anyone with a connection, who’s willing. I will add a bunch of my own soon. I appreciate you writing, & would love it if you could type out some stories to add to this website, or send them to me thru email, if you’re up to it. It’ll become part of what I hope is our permanent Juers record for our future descendants down the line…

      Thanks so much for writing, Susie… Roy II

  5. Corinne Pace says:

    Hey Roy did Irene send you stuff fromy dad? I would like to see them

  6. Irene R. Leahy says:

    Dear, Roy I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed you website, First let me start by saying I was married to your Uncle Jerry and kept in touch with your Uncle Harry over the years. I have pictures and old newspaper articles of your family including Uncle Harry, Uncle Jerry, and your grandmother and would like to pass them on to you . The website is great and brought a lot of memories back. Irene Leahy

    • Hi Irene!! How are you?! So glad to connect with you here; hopefully we can connect on Facebook too if you’re on it, because there’s a Juers Family Group I created for all of us, & it has almost 90 people in it, including Jerry Jr.
      I’m super excited to see what items you have from our family, & would like to discuss how you’d like to share them, whether regular mail, email, etc. My guess is they’re physical pieces, that I’d be honored to have, scan & put on the website for everyone. Glad you like the site; it’s a true labor of love for me to try & bring us Juers’ together, and it’s working!
      Would love to chat with you too, to learn about you, and about your time amongst the crazy Juers’. I have developed a nice relationship with Jerry Jr, he’s a good man. And I loved my Jerry, he was a moose to me as a young kid. Have to go to work now but you’re welcome to call me anytime at home 407-703-5230, my cell 407-625-9979 (eff. 7/14) or email me at royjuers@mac.com… have an awesome day!!

      Be well, Roy

  7. erik juers says:

    Great site roy.

    • Roy Juers says:

      Thanks Erik… it’s been a labor of love putting this together, so it’s gratifying to hear that people like or appreciate it. Once I finish the framework, I will look to the family to upload pictures to help everyone know what everyone looks like! It’s amazing how many of us look like each other… lol

  8. Dear Roy,

    A great web site. I think we’re a different tree that has grown up in South Australia. I’ve attached below the Juers line of my family back to Prussia. Some of the names are the same, but different. May be some relationships from the Prussia area.

    • Carl Bernhard Christian Juers (jurs), married Dorothea Catharina Sophia Bartelt (born & died in Prussia)
    • Heinrich Johann Joachim Juers; Birth: 25 May 1824, Schwerin, Prussia; died 1875 in Australia. Came to Australia on 8 Apr 1848, ‘President Smidt’
    • Adolph Albert Alfred Juers and 14 siblings
    • Frank Juers; Birth: 1902–1952, plus 10 siblings
    • Murray R Juers; Birth 1933, plus 3 siblings
    • James M Juers; birth 1963, plus 2 siblings
    • Edward 1995, Angus 1997, Meg 2001 (my children)
    Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,
    James Juers

    • Matthew Evans says:

      Hi James,

      I’m Matthew Evans and Heinrich Johann Joachim Juers is my 2nd Great Grandfather. My grandfather was Arthur Gustav Juers, whose father was Daniel Julius Hermann Juers (a brother of Adolph Albert Alfred Juers), whose father as you know was Heinrich Johann Joachim Juers….small world!


      • Hello Matthew,

        I’m thrilled whenever I see interaction between people on the site… especially from another continent! We’re trying to narrow down the relationship we have to the Australian Juers’, and the connection that ties us to the Juers’ that lived in Germany. My personal great grandfather was Adolf Emile Juers, who came to the US at the turn of the 20th century; surely had family he left behind in Germany. It’s quite possible the families you & James speak about are from the very same family line. If you have dates of when the people you spoke about lived, and/or where, it’d be great if you could provide that information. James, you as well… you gave us some earlier but it needs a little clarification.
        This is where putting our family tree gets trickier. We need as much help as possible to piece all the early stuff together… your 2nd & 3rd cousins here in the States would greatly appreciate whatever info you can provide!! Thanks! Roy Juers

  9. william Juers says:

    Hello Roy

    Great Site. I appreciate and thank you for all your time and effort you have invested into our history. It will be expanded upon and enjoyed for generations to come, Im sure. I have heard that there is a “von Mondon” (not sure of the exact spelling) lineage somewhere. Do you know anything about this? Are we of german or Czech descent? We came to Ellis Island from where? Our Children: William Christian Juers born 3/27/91, Chelsea Rose Juers 11/13/92, Dustin Elijah-Storm Juers 4/2/97 and Jordan Ari Juers 1/5/2001. My Wife Lourdes Juers 12/27/62…still married…happily 🙂 Roberta Ann Juers , my mom, passed away 1013/12

    • Roy Juers says:

      Thank you so much Billy… I heard you go by Billy, so I hope that’s okay.
      And thank you for the information… I’ll add it right away.
      This has been such a labor of love for me after my dad Ken & my uncle Harry passed, but I know there’s so much more for me to learn, it’s not even funny! There IS a Baron Adolpho Von Mundin I believe, from Germany (Hamburg if I’m not mistake), and my great grandmother Anna Jerebek is from Bohemia, in the old Czech Republic. That’s as far back as I know, but want to find out more about it. Some of the other Juers’ know more about that era than I do.

      Please, Please, friend me on Facebook, and I’ll add you & Lourdes (& whichever kids want to be part of) to the Juers Family group, where so far we have over 70 people…

      I hope I can chat with you by phone someday soon… have an amazing day!

  10. Lisa Clark says:

    Hello my darling brother! I love you so much for doing this and continuing to bring our family members together. Perhaps once I break down and join Facebook, we can all connect somehow in person in the future. Some kind of Juers family reunion. I know it is quite old-fashioned to do something like that, but I can’t seem to escape the wonder of it all. To meet so many others in my bloodline.
    I do have one request for those of us that are not as techo-savvy as you. Would you please place an icon for/with instructions on how to add photographs and information to the site. I have not been able to locate anything to help me with that. I have a ton of pictures I can share.

    • Roy Juers says:

      Hi Sissy! Thanks for finally joining Facebook & I’m glad you like what I’ve done here so far. Some really awesome “new” cousins have helped fill in a lot of the empty family tree branches, so thanks should really go out to them.
      As far as adding your own pictures, it’s actually pretty easy, but keep in mind the site’s still being built so there may not yet be galleries shown, where they’re eventually going to go.
      But if, for example, you hover your mouse over “Harry Paul Juers”, then hover over “Kenneth Robert Juers”, you’ll dad’s Gallery & all four of his kid’s pages, in the dropdown menu. Click on Gallery: Kenneth Robert Juers”.
      Once you’re on that main gallery page, in the text I talk about adding pictures. There’s a “Choose File” button that initiates finding your files on your computer, then follow prompts to upload them from there.
      I’ve installed galleries for Uncle Bob, Uncle Don & Uncle Gerry… try it there first, cause dad’s gallery isn’t online yet…
      Love you!!

  11. Patti Juers says:

    this is a great site…
    I beg to differ that Erik is not part of the family… He was Bobby’s first born; he named him, and he picked the way it is spelled…
    His second born was David, though the family did not know them, Bobby did;
    You can’t live in the same town and not know who who is

    Bobby probably turned over in his grave with that remark…


    • Hi Aunt Patti, thanks for commenting! I hope more people comment too!

      At first I was confused by what you wrote, but now I understand why you commented the way you did… let me explain.

      First, here’s how I ended the Welcome page;
      “So God bless you all… the entire Juers family… & Eric Juers, yeah I know you’re not family, but you’re a Juers so we love you too…

      The Eric Juers I’m referring to is NOT Erik Juers, Uncle Bob’s son; they’re two different people entirely.

      I met EriC Juers online. He lives in Michigan. When I first contacted him, I was trying to to connect with our relatives, and I thought he was Uncle Bob’s son, and that I’d just screwed by misspelling EriK’s name all these years (which could have been possible).

      But Eric-in-Michigan & I soon discovered that he’s from a different Juers family; possibly related distantly, but not sure. But I still include him on things Juers-related, am friends with him on Facebook, & occasionally I’ll make a joke about how “he’s not related, but we love him anyway because he’s a Juers” type of thing…

      So that statement at the very bottom of this site’s Welcome Page was meant for Eric-From-Michigan, not for Erik, son-of-Bob…
      I totally understand how you could have been misled by that, and I apologize for the confusion, and hope this serves as an acceptable explanation.

      I appreciate you commenting though, because at that time, I had just started the website, & I kind of forgot that statement was even in there (as you can imagine, I don’t go to that Welcome page very much). So since it’s like a private joke between me & Eric-from-Michigan, I’ll probably just remove it…

      I’m sure Uncle Bob’s probably laughing a bit at it all…

      • Laura Juers Rothenhausen says:

        If the Eric Juers your talking about s married to Susan, his parents are Louis Juers and Judy. Their divorced now. Louis’s sister is Chrissy Juers Allen. Their my father’s first cousins.

        • Roy Juers says:

          Actually, Laura, the Eric I was initially talking about was my friend Eric Juers from Michigan… when I first met him online, I tried connecting thinking he was my uncle Bob’s son Erik, but they were actually 2 different people. But I do know about Eric & Susan… they’re in the family tree under Uncle Lou. And it was awesome we met Chrissy & her husband Ken about a month ago when they were here in Orlando…
          Then we met your sister a few weeks ago while she was her… we love her!

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